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Concept: n. a set(s) and/or a subset(s) of a mental and/or physical (information and/or diagram(s)) and/or (static picture(s) and/or video(s)) and/or sound(s)

A concept is a set(s) and/or subset(s) which is formed in the mind with eyes closed or with them open and while interacting with the world physically.

With the eyes closed we can form mental concepts of information, diagrams, static pictures, videos, and sounds in any combination which we chose. With our eyes open we interact with the world and almost simultaneously form concepts in our minds which we translate into physical reality by communicating information, making diagrams, static pictures, videos, and sounds or music.

Impulsive behavior is mostly our subconscious mind making decisions and concepts relatively spontaneously resulting in a manipulation of the surrounding environment.

The synonym for a concept is an idea and neither is accurately defined in the dictionary so no one really knows if there is any difference between the two words or not or whether we mean the same unspecified thing using either one.

My definition is an accurate one based in reality and using the mathematical concepts of sets and subsets. You can think of a concept as being the set which is comprised of other set and subset combinations which are just a reflection of reality or things which happen and exist in the real world.

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