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It is a fact that a celebrity businessman was elected to become the 45th president of the United States. Since his miraculous victory it is glaringly true that he does not have the traditional political skills to serve as a “competent” leader of the country nor a “competent” leader of the free world.


Trump was competent enough to get elected but his authoritarian style of leadership and the lack of trustworthy cabinet members and competent political followers makes it impossible for him to delegate authority effectively. He tries to get congress to implement his political policy which is often mercurial and deviates from detailed demands because frankly Trump is not an expert in detailed analysis and dogmatic follow through.


Most of Trumps general principles and ideas are valid and have a lot of merit but their implementation is where he fails miserably much of the time. It is mission impossible to state publicly that you want to drain the establishment swamp and then turn around and ask the establishment swamp to implement your anti establishment swamp policies.


Almost single handedly Trump has succeeded in turning the establishment media into a tabloid press of babbling biased opinions reacting negatively to his daily tweets and assaulting the public with malicious chatter trying to label Trump with every negative stereotype possible. Racist, misogynist, Islamaphobe, tyrant, traitor, liar, deranged, crazy, etc. are just some of the words that have been used to describe his actions and personality.


On the positive side Trump’s legacy will be his appointments to the Supreme Court which will delay the movement towards a dogmatic ideological left wing philosophy and government. I say delay only because academia, international corporations, the entertainment industry, and globalists in general are mostly left wing ideologues trying to transform the world with one kind of universal group think designed to maintain the status quo or keep the ruling monied elite in power.


If nothing else, Trump will go down historically as the most talked about personality in the world and whether you like it or not he has become the most famous and/or infamous person in the world and definitely a worldwide celebrity.

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