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Conditional: adj. promising a subset(s) will be (done and/or given) and/or taken if a requirement(s) and/or reaction is achieved first

Unconditional absolute love is a myth or a historical lie. In most relationships and marriages you conditionally expect your spouse not to lie to you, not to steal from you, not to commit adultery, and not be physically abusive to you. That is conditional love and if the major moral rules are broken then it will probably lead to a justified divorce which even the pope now believes in.

Yes, it is possible to love a human who acts immorally towards you but the greater the immorality towards you the more dysfunctional the marriage or relationship and the more suffering, misery, and dissatisfaction there will be.

A very general conditional communication or sentence is – ¬†“If you do and/or don’t do something(s) only then will I do or not do something(s).”

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