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The age of liberal arts is fast being replaced by the age of technological arts and science. Computer software is outperforming many tasks done by humans in the past by being more efficient, faster, and making fewer errors. In the past smart, moral, inspiring human role models were all that we had and these role models are going to be replaced by smart, somewhat moral, inspiring computer software and robots who will perform parental, teacher, and professional functions with greater skill than 99% of humans on the face of the earth.

Computer software will function mostly autonomously without human assistance but there will still be a symbiotic relationship with technologically knowledgeable humans, especially in the realm of morality and creativity which will continue to need human input because of inherent complexity and logical inconsistencies which will probably never be subject to mathematical formulations but merely statistical norms at best.

Human emotions, unpredictability, and somewhat irrational behavior is a real challenge to try and predict or even control so artificial intelligence or AI will always be less than totally human in it’s functionality. Yes, robot role models will always be less than human in some respects but their predominant functioning will be acceptable in most cases.

If you are rich and genetically endowed with the potential to be above average in mental and physical functioning then a good useful education with an abundance of math and science, smart hard work, and monetary backing should almost guarantee success in life. Success should come if you value integrity, work smart and hard, stay away from very bad addictions, and have gained some moral emotional intelligence along the way from your parents and friends which you associate with.

If you are dirt poor, get a largely useless education, have dysfunctional parents and friends, are addicted to alcohol and drugs, and live in a bad neighborhood then the probability that you will succeed in life is minimal and the probability that you will reproduce is also rather low.

If you are rich, get a largely useless education, are addicted to alcohol, drugs, partying, and compulsive shopping then your chances of succeeding in life are very bad so merely having money is not all that you need in life to be successful.

The rich and successful will always want to be richer, more powerful, and more successful so genetic engineering or human genetically modified organisms will soon become a reality. The possibility of a superior endowed genetic gene population may arise which will rule the world in an aristocratic way and positions of leadership authority will largely be genetic as was the way in ancient history. Does history repeat itself? Yes, it appears to be case in the not too distant future.

Already Russia is largely ruled by rich autocrats, China is ruled by rich members of the communist party, and the United States is largely ruled by rich politicians with worldwide connections with the rich and powerful. All that the rich and powerful worldwide need is a unified ideology and propaganda machine to promote it and keep the masses content in a servile role.

The Democratic party is already promoting such an ideology via the media, academia, and celebrities. All are ruthlessly trying to promote their ideology and ruthlessly suppressing and censoring opposing views. Whether they will succeed in the long duration is still debatable but the writing is on the wall for all to see and evaluate and experience.

Human teachers in poor neighborhoods will never be able to provide a quality education for the disadvantaged youth but audio visual interactive computer education will offer the hope of a useful quality education for the disadvantaged in poor neighborhoods at a fraction of the cost of real human teachers. The hope for a better future for poor humans can only come with a good useful education which technology will soon be able to provide. Yes, students will still have to put in the time and effort to learn and advance in life but that is nothing new and self motivation and inherent ability ultimately will determine who succeeds and who doesn’t.

Ultimately a good useful education is what determines success in life to a great degree and displaced humans due to technology will have to retrain in new and more advanced jobs with the passage of time. Not every human is capable of nor wants to retrain education wise so they may wind up on permanent welfare. Free useful education for anyone at any age will have to be instituted at some point in the future so that hopelessness does not pervade the majority of the population for a lifetime.

So a monied aristocratic genetically superior breed of humans will eventually rule over the use of technology in the future world. The hope is that technology will also be used to give the poorest some hope for useful educational advancement in this very competitive world. The quality of a society is largely determined by the quality of the moral and informative useful education which the population receives. An investment in a useful education pays the best interest. I paraphrased a quote by Benjamin Franklin.

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Before I descend into a relatively pessimistic future outlook I want to point out the optimistic developments in the United States at the present time. The housing market is relatively stable if you don’t include a shortage of rental apartments at a reasonable rental rate. Car ownership is high and many can still afford the transportation even though the costs of maintaining cars are taking up a larger and larger percentage of earned income. The airlines and travel business seems to be doing fine.

Theft is not getting out of hand due to surveillance cameras almost everywhere and there is relatively successful law enforcement even though the incarceration rate is relatively high. There are affordable electronic security devices for those who have valuable things which can be readily stolen. Most humans who want social contact and readily available information can access the worldwide web with their computers or cellphones that don’t bust their budget.

Economic hard times are bringing humans together into smaller living quarters out of necessity and more humans are once again learning to live together under more stressful thrifty circumstances. The opportunities to improve oneself through selfeducation are available on the internet for all those courageous and determined individuals who want to make something more of themselves. Opportunity is not dead even though the traditional educational system is a colossal failure job wise and is morally corrupt with a leftist dogmatic ideology, especially in academia, dominating to the point where dissent and opposing views are being overtly suppressed.

Now we will delve into all the minuses of what’s left of the traditional culture and then end with an attempt at proposing measures which may improve things if courageously implemented from the top down by moral leadership.

Moral decay is what the major problem is with fewer and fewer examples of good role models with integrity to be found in leadership positions. It is sad to see too many celebrities with drug abuse problems, promiscuity, profanity, left wing dogmatic ideology, and bad marital relationships being paraded for all to see in the media. Historically the media has been and is being the source of moral decay with its portrayal of drug use, gambling, promiscuity, profanity, violence, and dysfunctional family life all overly dramatized to merely shock and entertain the viewing audience. The real problem with the media and entertainment industry is that it has replaced a tolerance for deviant behavior with a glorification of deviant behavior which has further led to a destruction of financially responsible moral family units and values.

With a celebrity president much rational objective discourse has been abandoned in favor of a tabloid press which sensationalizes most news events and even manufactures news events which has just added to the problem of fake news, fake information, and fake reviews. Trust in the media and in the leadership is at an all time low. Knowing what is true and what is not becomes ever harder to determine.

Many good reputations are being destroyed almost overnight and once destroyed it is almost impossible to regain that reputation back again. Trust in celebrities, academia, politicians, the media, and other leadership positions has been ruined and once trust is broken it can take a whole generation of moral behavior to regain that trust again. Chaotic or bad leadership is the result of moral decay, especially when globalist money is in charge of the media and economy with a left leaning dogmatic propagandized ideology which obliterates rational objective truth and tries to brainwash the world into politically correct subservience.

With the exception of the technological financially well off elite, the rest of the population becomes and remains more ignorant than ever. Computer software and artificial intelligence can play better chess and better poker than human players as it also begins to replace human jobs by the bucketful even in the traditional professional areas long thought to be safe from robotization.

Yes, soon we should have smarter robot parents, robot teachers, robot doctors, etc. who will be examples of moral integrity with the potential to be respected and admired. Putting robots in charge of raising a new generation of moral offspring is the ultimate solution to an army of dysfunctional parent role models which are so numerous in the United States and the world in general.

So there is hope in the future for humanity once it is aided and largely replaced by smart moral robots and computer software. Who will program and supervise the smart robots? The technological elite may prevail and unfortunately they are going to be almost the only remaining top down source of excellence and moral leadership. Yes, things should get better but it will be a rather long time coming and hopefully the constitution will not be bastardized and warped by an overly zealous left wing ideological judiciary during that duration.

If you are largely ignorant of technology with a poverty paycheck or on welfare then you unfortunately will just become a citizen of a nation largely populated by mostly sheepish humans ruled by corrupt politicians or a smart moral or immoral technological elite. Which alternative is chosen should be up to voting citizens but judging by historical precedent the rule will probably be with the money and left wing tyrannical ideology of the corrupt globalists.

I have tried to aid in this moral renaissance by proposing a secular moral code for the world to teach to all impressionable young minds in detail with abundant examples so that almost every 13 year old will know what is right and wrong when it comes to interacting with other humans. The secular moral code is- in non emergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder. Details of this secular moral code are available in my Amazon book SECULAR MORAL CODE and you can search my website with keywords for more details. Happy hunting. Enjoy!

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 4800 so far, or read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially EVERGREEN TRUTH, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

For a complete readily accessible list of blogs and titles go to twitter.com/uldissprogis.


If you enjoyed this blog then here is a list of my most popular ones which you may also enjoy!!!