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Agreement:  n. corresponding with similar opinions and/or facts frequently after discussion and adjustment of differences in fact and/or opinion and/or judgment and the results can be recorded

When you have two or more humans involved in an activity(s) agreement is frequently necessary. You frequently have to mutually decide or agree on a goal(s) and then agree on what is the best way to achieve the goal(s) and how much responsibility each participant has in the goal(s) achievement.

Sometimes opinions differ widely and agreement is not possible so the best solution is just to hold on to your own opinions if agreement is not essential. We may agree to disagree but life still goes on.

It is frequently a leader’s responsibility to choose a course of action even when agreement has not been made between all the participants or workers.

Sometimes agreement involves compromise between competing parties or each participant getting something desired out of the agreement but not everything desired. Economic and political treaties or agreements are frequently compromises where each side benefits but with some drawbacks for each side.

Sometimes there are different approaches to reaching the same goal(s) such as in raising offspring. One parent may have more of an authoritarian style of leadership and the other a more democratic or consensus style of leadership.

The truth is that for very young offspring and authoritarian style of parenting is preferable and a democratic style of leadership more appropriate in the teen years when offspring are capable of independent logical thinking too. You do it your way and I will do it my way is frequently an acceptable agreement style where more than one approach leads to the same goal(s).

In business agreement frequently leads to a formal agreement or contract.

Most household arguments are based in disagreements or differing opinions on what good and bad behavior is and what is an acceptable purchase and what isn’t. Harsh criticism or intensely blaming another as being totally responsible for a problem or mistake is frequently how household arguments start.

If a discussion does not lead to intense arguing then agreement is frequently possible but if it is confrontational or a you against me attitude then it sometimes makes agreement impossible and lingering dissatisfaction and resentment is the result.

Teamwork in a family is a very important desirable concept and in business it is increasingly modifying authoritarian styles of leadership.


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