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Astuteness: n. having an ability to accurately assess humans and circumstances and use this to one’s advantage in the short and/or long duration

There are many human interactions and they usually benefit one or both parties in some way. If you are astute then you will derive more benefit from the interaction than the human whom you are interacting with immediately and/or in the long duration.


If you are astute then it may be some important information which you give and/or get,

it may be a small favor or gift which you give to help develop a human bond which may pay off in the long duration,

it may be a business transaction where you make a profit in the short and/or long duration, or

it may be an honest, friendly, and caring attitude which will build up a relationship of trust and maybe even admiration which may come in handy when you ask for their vote in politics or support in a consensus private or business circumstance.


The truly smart astute human will always evaluate whether giving something rather than taking something in a transaction or communication will have a greater payoff in the future. Always hoping for immediate  and overwhelming advantage is a rather selfish attitude and does not create lasting human trusting bonds which you may be interested in developing for long duration benefits.


Finally smart astute businesshumans will sell quality products and services at a reasonable price and give good customer service so that they will have loyal and satisfied customers for the long duration.



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