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Attachment: n. bonding with a subset(s) which is frequently a lifeform(s)

Humans bond with activities, objects, other humans, and lifeforms in general and it is frequently because they care about, love, empathize with, get some pleasure from, get some benefit from, or want to be friendly with what they are bonding with. Attachment to a subset(s) frequently means that humans want to spend time with, want to surround themselves with, keep it close to themselves, and interact with the subset(s).

There is short duration attachment and long duration attachment and if a human continues to get pleasure or satisfaction from the attachment then it generally continues and once pleasure or satisfaction is lost or subsides the attachment gets less intense and frequent and may even be terminated or it ends. Attachment can be thought of as an attraction to a subset(s) and a desire to interact with it which lasts a duration.

Note that some attachments are not pleasant but we remain attached out of financial and/or emotional necessity. We can be attached to a bad job, bad spouse, and supporting irresponsible offspring from which we derive very little emotional satisfaction but do so out of financial necessity or a sense of duty or responsibility.

Attachment is frequently emotionally the most intense if we love the subset(s).

There are degrees of attachment and frequently the greater the attachment the more time, energy, and money you spend on the attachment.


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