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Betrayal: n. being disloyal and/or unfaithful to a lifeform(s) thus causing harm to samer lifeform(s)

You can betray wilderness, country, group of humans, family, a human, and even yourself. Betrayal causes some harm to the betrayed entity. Betrayal of country is frequently considered treason and betrayal of spouse in its most common form is adultery.

A criminal may also betray a fellow criminal which is good for society but bad for the criminal who is caught and maybe even convicted of a crime.

Many of us have secrets about ourselves which if revealed could potentially harm our reputation so it is entirely possible for you to betray yourself, reveal your hidden secret, and hurt your reputation in the process.

You can also betray wilderness and cause harm to it which is a way of saying that you have betrayed your fellow plants and animals on the face of this precious planet.

Whistleblowing may be considered to be an act of betrayal of your organization by members of the organization but in the long duration it is better for society that corruption be weeded out as much as possible.

Loyalty has its limits and if you betray someone not worthy of that loyalty then your betrayal is a good thing.

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