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Bribery: n. motivating someone to steal by giving and/or promising (money and/or ingus)

Ingus: n. information and/or goods and/or services

Scratch my back and I will scratch yours or do me a favor and I will do you one is a very human reaction. If someone helps you there is a tendency to want to help them also. Unfortunately in politics this leads to corruption with lobbyists giving money to politicians and they pass special interest legislation benefiting those special interests at the expense of everyone else. Money is being stolen from every tax payer to benefit the few powerful money interests and the disparity in wealth gets greater with each passing year.


Laws should be passed to benefit the general welfare but in fact much of the time the selected few or big money benefits. This political activity is really an accepted form of bribery in the nation and it is unjust.


If the jury was bribed to pass a verdict favoring the guilty we would all consider it a form of grave injustice yet politicians get a green light for their briberous behavior.


Bribery frequently exists behind closed doors or it is done in secret and sometimes big brand names of huge conglomerates bribe store owners and encourage them monetarily to place their products on the shelves and not competitor brands.


One way in which outright bribery is prevented is that they buy up the competing brands and create a monopoly for their products. Recently I noticed that Walmart withdrew its competing cereal brand from the shelves and only big brand name products are being sold. Whether they were bribed or bought out is a big question mark but choice in products has been reduced to the detriment of everyone.


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