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Comparison: n. considering the similarities and/or differences in two or more sets and/or subsets

Compare two or more things and you are really analyzing the similarities and the differences in them.

In comparing two recipes the most important thing is how it tastes to you or humans whom you are trying to please. To analyze two or more recipes you look for similar ingredients and their quantity and then check for different ingredients and their quantity which also makes a difference in how something tastes.

In relationships you find out the similarities or what you have in common and then you probe and ask questions to see what the differences are and whether they will be acceptable to you or whether they are things which you can benefit from at perhaps a later date.

Most humans are biased in favor of similarities and prefer humans with similar likes and dislikes. Differences are sometimes threatening to your way of thinking and doing things so we generally try to avoid very different humans, behaviors, and activities which may seem like a threat to our lifestyle or way of doing things and thinking about the world.

Too many of us try to compare ourselves to others, especially possession comparisons, and have a weakness which is trying to keep up with other human lifestyles which only seem better. Frequently imitation can cause us much misery and disappointment because they are frequently profligate lifestyles which we can’t afford.

Comparing and analyzing human personalities is a very valuable skill. If you are always comparing someone to honest, sincere, dependable, trustworthy, competent, friendly, somewhat caring, and interesting ideal humans then you will become a good judge of character and frequently succeed in finding humans who are worth the time and attention and are potential good friends to have in your life.


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