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Compatibility: n. interacting with minimal conflict and/or two or more subsets functioning efficiently together

Frequently the question arises. How compatible am I with this human? If you have minimal conflicts with the human then chances are that you are compatible.  Many conflicts, arguments, strong disagreements, and immoral behavior probably means that you are incompatible and should be associating with other humans with which you don’t have so many differences.

Incompatibility may also mean that your difference in educational level and interests are so different that a compatible relationship is just not possible on an intimate level.

In the real world of imperfect human compatibility many humans can live with an average amount of incompatibility or differences since we are not perfectly compatible machines. Efficient human interaction demands a considerable amount of compatibility and unfortunately most of us do not realistically meet those efficiency standards.

If you are incompatible with a human(s) then you are not functioning efficiently with that human(s) and you should either change your behavior radically or have minimal interactions with that human(s) because your interactions will be largely dysfunctional.

Device compatibility is a measure of how efficiently the devices can function together to perform a function(s).


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