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Compliance: n. obeying a (command(s) and/or demand(s)) and/or (request(s) and/or rule(s)) and/or (law(s) and/or requirement(s)) and/or (procedure(s) and/or subset(s)) frequently without and/or with the use of (force and/or the threat of force) and/or persuasion

Compliance basically means that you are obeying or following established procedures, commands, demands, requests, rules, laws, and requirements.  In effect you are obeying a subset(s). Frequently you obey without coercion but sometimes force, the threat of force, and persuasion is used to get you to obey or comply.

Why do we obey laws and guidelines or are compliant? It is probably because we have been persuaded that it is a good law or guideline or wish to avoid being caught disobeying it and being reprimanded and/or fined and/or imprisoned.

If we strongly disagree with a law or guideline then we may disobey it when we feel we are safe and probably won’t get caught disobeying it.

Prohibition of alcohol was a failure because too many humans wanted to drink and so many broke the law that it became inefficient to prosecute and put so many in jail. Marijuana laws may suffer the same fate but there should always be laws against driving intoxicated or under the influence.

Cars may soon be driving themselves so the only place where drug use may still be illegal is in the workplace where a clear head may be vital to good job performance.

Compliance to laws is a tricky thing because too many laws makes compliance very hard and inefficient. No laws results in too much chaos. Knowing which laws and guidelines are just and necessary sometimes only comes from experimentation and unfortunately once a law or guideline is on the books then it is almost impossible to change it or replace it with better alternatives.

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