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Creationism is the biblical concept of God creating the universe out of nothing about 6000 years ago. The universe was thought by scientists to be infinite until the red shift was discovered and it was erroneously assumed that the universe did indeed have a beginning.

Every life form on the earth goes through a life or death cycle so it intuitively seems that every planet, star, and galaxy should also go through a life and death cycle including the universe. Many scientists too since the discovery of the red shift believe that the universe had a beginning about 14 billion years ago so they are really creationists too because many believe that the universe originated from a singularity or nothing.

Whether you believe the universe was created 6000 years ago or 14 billion years ago you are still fundamentally a creationist so the difference is really only one of time.

If you are a scientist then you probably believe in evolution so the argument is really about the slow development of life forms versus the instantaneous development of life forms along with matter and energy as claimed by the bible.

I still believe the universe is infinite and planets, stars, and galaxies are recycled in it but the universe is not recycled. Because of the “wrong” assumption that the universe is expanding in an increasing way the concept of metaphysical dark matter or mass, dark energy, and even dark gravity have had to be invented to explain this assumed expansion.

Wrong assumptions lead to crazy solutions trying to explain the way the universe really works and it is time to reassess our fundamental creationist ideas about the universe. The red shift is a misleading bit of information as I have written in my blog The Truth About the Red Shift.

The alternative explanation for the red shift is that radiation loses its energy or velocity as it travels through space. The longer radiation travels through space the more velocity or energy it loses. Where does this energy loss go? Well I too believe that there may be some dark mass which slows it down as it travels through it and that would explain the change in velocity or the Doppler shift which the red shift really is an indicator of.

No one really has all the answers yet if ever since the Hubble telescope is uncovering evidence of turbulence in the universe which does not follow simple relativity laws. The unexplained phenomenon or anomalies which we are discovering abound and it is enough questions to keep astrophysicists busy for hundreds of years if not longer.

Nature or your God is really quite awesome and is not giving up it’s secrets readily. In fact we may not be smart enough or have not evolved enough to really understand how the universe really works on the very small and the cosmological level.


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