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Cry: v. to very intensely sense with identifiable body movements and tears which usually is the result of extreme suffering and/or unhappiness

Very young offspring cry readily and it is frequently because they have been abused physically or verbally, because they are in physical pain, because their toy has been taken away or have been punished with a withdrawal of a privilege, because they want attention, because their pet dies, or because they can’t get what they want desperately at the moment.

Adults cry because they have been abused, because of a death of someone close to them, because they have been cheated on, and sometimes out of sheer joy or being overwhelmed by some good event.

Crying frequently results from feeling overwhelmingly helpless or from intense grief felt at the loss of something which one considers very dear and important to them. Although I personally feel it is unmanly for males to cry the new generation seems to condone male crying in some instances.

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