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Debunk: v. to expose a subset(s) as being (pretentious and/or untrue) and/or exaggerated

I would love to debunk all the pretentious, untrue, and exaggerated myths and deceptions which exist and pollute social behavior but unfortunately I can’t do it alone. I desperately need your help in the effort because it can’t be a one man operation forever.

Read as much of what I have to offer as possible and select the subject matter which interests you the most. Freely use it to the best of your ability. You may be laughed at, ridiculed, harshly criticized, or even ostracized for your views but if you sense it is the right thing to do then by all means continue in your pursuit or quest and you will have a genuine sense of fulfillment if not achievement because you will know that you are right being a myth debunker!!!!!!

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