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Egoism: n. making largely impulsive judgments and behaving based on whether it helps a human’s self-interest first

Many of us are egoists and the smart egoists realize that to optimize benefits for yourself you also have to involve other humans whom you help and are friendly towards.


In order to get attention and desirable benefits you must give something of yourself to others who will then reciprocate and give back. Hopefully you will get more than you give them in the long duration although in the short duration you may actually have to give more to entice them into giving you something back eventually.


Once you understand that you need the respect and even admiration from others to get the most benefits for yourself then your ego will not run wild and you will include good relationships with others as part of your ego profile or behavior.


To be respected and even admired by others you have to be honest, sincere, dependable, trustworthy, friendly, and competent in what you do. Once you understand the importance of these fundamental principles your journey through life will have optimized your ego potential at personal benefits.

Con artists are numerous in society who will fake friendliness, honesty, dependability, and competence to get you to trust them and make you part with your hard earned money. If you are smart then you will learn to detect the fake human con artists from the real trustworthy humans in life and associate more with the latter.


Our ego is incredibly selfish at birth and some never learn that the world doesn’t just revolve around you but that there are other egos competing with yours and need nurturing too.


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