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Embarrassment: n. sensing low intensity shame for a noncriminal subset(s)

We are embarrassed when we think we don’t look good in public,

can’t do a simple task well with someone present,

misbehave in front of parents or the public,

make a stupid mistake,

have to reveal our bad grades to someone who matters in our life,

don’t fulfill a promise when we said we would,

forget to acknowledge an important date such as a birthday or anniversary,

fail at public speaking,

make a mistake during a public performance,

have inferior goods or possessions when a comparison is made,

and a hundred and one more circumstances which show our incompetence, absence of good judgment, handicaps, and failings in life.


Some humans are not very embarrassment prone and boldly do normative embarrassing things to attract attention or just express their ego driven individuality. Some are so embarrassment prone and shy that they don’t venture into the real world of human interaction much and suffer a rather limited lifestyle as a result.


Most of us continue to do embarrassing things throughout life and get over them. Don’t let the fear of embarrassment rule too much of your life because none of us is perfect and embarrassing yourself in public once in a while will not destroy a basically good reputation if you have one.

Embarrassment is primarily a social phenomenon. Humans who are shy frequently have a fear of being embarrassed in public and so are frequently not very social.


The reasons for embarrassment are usually physical appearance, speech, inability to reach a goal, and inappropriate behavior. Humans frequently are embarrassed if they look very different from humans around them or have a physical handicap, if they have a unique dialect or have speech impediments,  if they fail in fulfilling a promise or goal, and if they are not sure how to behave in some public situations. Speaking in public is also an embarrassing situation for most humans.


Extreme shyness and anxiety in public is frequently diagnosed as an anxiety disorder and even treated with drugs or medication by psychiatrists and this is wrong because the side effects are devastating and don’t cure the embarrassing feelings. It is a fact of life that rare individuals are paranoid about going out in public but that is no reason that they should be medicated. They need radical behavior modification which unfortunately takes much time and money to cure and most can’t afford the right treatment for their paranoia.


The fear of rejection or the fear of ridicule is the real reason why humans feel embarrassment and it handicaps many humans in their relationships with the opposite sex and other humans. Shame is the common word for embarrassment but it is different because shame can be felt not only for bad behavior but also for a criminal act which is not part of embarrassing behavior.

Shame: n. sensing displeasure caused by guilt and/or unworthiness and/or disrepute and/or powerlessness to achieve a goal(s)


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