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Evidence: n. a subset(s) which can frequently be used to help make a conclusion and/or judgment and is frequently presented in court

Evidence gathered may be relevant or irrelevant and the conclusions or judgments which you make from it may be valid or invalid.

When evidence is presented in court the primary concern is usually whether it is truthful or factual evidence and secondarily whether it is relevant to the issue being considered which is an alleged crime.

There is also the possibility that evidence may have been fraudulently placed in an attempt to frame an innocent party so trying to get to the truth of a matter is a very inexact procedure and far from being scientific.

The reputation of the plaintiffs and defendants is a critical consideration as well as the reputation of any common or professional witnesses. That a nicely staged emotional appeal to the jury is vital in most prosecutions is a fact and often a high priced lawyer is one who is not only very skilled in presenting evidence and is also skilled at making emotional appeals to the jury.

When convicting someone on circumstantial evidence it is often a question of how overwhelming it is and the more circumstantial evidence that can be presented the better or there is more certainty with much of it. 100% certainty is seldom possible so guilty beyond a reasonable doubt is the standard for judgment in court because some doubt in the minds of some jurors almost always exists.


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