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Extravagance: n. very excessive inefficient use of money and/or resources

The bad thing about extravagance is that it is generally too much of something and very inefficient use of money and/or resources. The very rich are usually guilty of extravagance with huge homes, huge boats, huge airplanes, and overpriced clothing, jewelry, artwork, and cars. Sustainable living is not an extravagant lifestyle.

Many average humans are also guilty of extravagance within their limited budgets. They aren’t thrifty, inefficiently spend money on too many often oversized products, and are generally interested in quantity rather than quality. They too are not living sustainable lifestyles with an emphasis on simplicity, efficiency, frugality, and minimum use of resources.

Until humanity changes its obsession with anything big being more powerful and desirable we will continue to have a natural tendency towards extravagance.

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