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Extreme: adj. largely deviating from a norm(s) and/or cloose to either limit(s)

There are extreme limits of very hot and very cold and there are also extremes in behavior norms which are either considered crazy or bordering on mental illness. Most of us are rather normal and don’t go to extreme limits nor do extreme behaviors which others may disapprove of.

Too much extremism is generally bad but going to extremes once in a while is not necessarily the worst thing which can happen because it reminds us that danger lurks there and it is wise to approach extremes with caution.

I may be called an extremist trying to change the world with my logical definitions of words but I sincerely or fanatically believe that language needs radical improvement or humanity will continue to wallow in much irrational emotional behavior on into the foreseeable future. Humanity will continue to make historical behavior mistakes over and over again with a handicapping language which hasn’t changed much in 2000 years.

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