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Large group of foods

Eat as much unprocessed certified organic food in all its varieties as you can afford. If you do like soups or meat medium rare then cook them as minimally as possible. To get micronutrients in your diet add a wide variety of spices in barely detectable quantities to your food or take a teaspoon of bee pollen once in a while.

Don’t fall for the myth of low fat, low carbohydrate, low protein food being good for you or some heavy emphasis on a one food diet fad. You should eat and experiment with a wide variety of foods rich in fats, proteins, and carbohydrates because you need all three categories to stay healthy. Don’t just over eat the few overly processed foods which you are addicted to.

Unless you are allergic to one kind of food eat EVERYTHING whose taste is not repulsive to you. That includes some processed foods once in a while and your eating will never become boring or unhealthy and you will need no unnatural food supplements in lopsided unnatural quantities!!!!!!

Get over the myth that certain foods will help you to lose weight. They won’t and the only way that you will lose weight is to go on a permanent starvation diet which means eating less than what your body is demanding. Take diet pills to reduce weight or eat just a handful of fad diet foods and you will ruin your metabolism and health in the long duration and never lose any weight permanently.

Finally eat ONLY WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY and that may mean only one varied meal a day or every two days. It is a myth that sedentary humans need to eat three times a day or many small amounts of food five or six times a day.


Stop being a fanatic or paranoid about the food which may contain pesticides, herbicides, GMO’s, antibiotics, growth hormones, preservatives, etc. If you do eat some of these foods occasionally it will not destroy your health or metabolism in the long duration. Stick with certified organic food as much as possible but you don’t have to make eating them an absolute rule in your life because you will be passing up a few of life’s tasty processed sweet food treats such as chocolate and deserts.

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