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Frugality: n. economically efficient with saved up money for emergencies and/or retirement

Being thrifty or frugal is no longer being promoted by western cultures and this misguided philosophy will lead to inevitable bankruptcy of too many individuals and nations.


Inflation, national counterfeit money, illogical large credit line limits, credit forgiveness encouraging profligate spending, and a poor return on investments or savings accounts is making planning for the future impractical and unreasonable. There is little incentive to save for the future because inflation eats away at your savings and the result is that individuals and nations no longer have a safety fat reserve of money to rely upon in emergencies or crisis situations.


The financially profligate and irresponsible are being rewarded at taxpayer’s expense and wealth is being concentrated in fewer and fewer hands rapidly destroying the middle class of hard productive tax paying workers.


The solution is rewarding individuals for saving their money with a decent percentage return and cutting the inflation rate to zero so that money does not lose its value over time.

Energy does not decrease or increase in value over time but stays constant so why should money lose its value over time? The value of money worldwide should remain constant for just world government. Now each nation or economic unit with the same currency is trying to steal from each other by playing with the value of their money to try and get a competitive edge. We desperately need one constant value world currency tied to tangible assets worldwide for distributional justice to exist for all nations.

All individuals, organizations, and nations have to balance their budgets and have some saved up for emergencies. The world money supply should also have some money in reserve for emergencies and it should not be counterfeited at will and distributed to politically favored nations who can’t balance their budgets due to irresponsible financial management and absence of population control whose increase makes  both physical and financial survival less likely.


Big money of course does not want to do that because they are too busy raping and pillaging those who work for a living and try to earn a living wage.


Investment and innovation will not cease but improve in quality and not quantity in the long duration if frugality is encouraged.


Frugal money management leads to sustainable just financial living which is then reflected in sustainable living in the environment too. Nature is efficient with its energy usage and has fat reserves for emergencies. Humanity must also learn to be efficient with its energy or money which is a symbol for energy and must ensure that each human economic unit functions frugally or sustainably within the greater whole.


Frugality is a measure of the justice in society for everyone and the absence of frugality rewards the unjust, inefficient, and frequently immoral in society with an unjust distribution of money within the society.

Frugality and morality can be thought of as necessary conditions for a potentially just human society. Destroy frugality and morality and humanity becomes a chaotic mess polluting the environment with deviant human forms and byproducts.

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