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Goodness: n. being (morally and/or physically) desirable and/or achieving a subjective and/or objective (standard(s) and/or norm(s))

Each of us has our personal opinion of what good is based upon our knowledge and experience in life. What you find morally and/or physically desirable you probably consider good. If something meets or achieves your subjective and/or objective standards and/or norms then you also probably think that it is good.

Since an evaluation of what is good is so personal you will find plenty of other humans who might feel that what you consider to be good is in their opinion bad and they may try to convince you of this personally undesirable reality.

For humans the most important consideration should be moral goodness but the morality should apply to humans worldwide. The absolute morality of cliquish religions and cults is no longer acceptable because it promotes conflict and not unity of humans on the face of this precious endangered planet. A new good secular morality must be preached worldwide to unify the world of humans morally.

The new moral goodness should be-except in emergencies: don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder!!!!!! This is true worldwide moral goodness.

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