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Habit: n. an action(s) done so frequently by an animal that it becomes a relatively frequent largely impulsive behavior(s)

Some general habits are vital such as eating, drinking, walking, communicating, and sleeping. What you eat, drink, and communicate is subject to some change so you can improve those sub habits and exclude any bad ones which you may have.

Most habits are rather impulsive and not easily changeable and an awareness of what habits you have is the first step towards improving them if that is what you want to do.

To change habits you can decrease or increase the time spent on them, you can change the composition of the habits, and you can exclude habits or introduce new ones.

Bad habits are difficult to change since you are probably getting some satisfaction out of them so first decreasing the time spent on them is frequently a wise choice. Totally and quickly excluding a bad habit may be necessary in a crisis situation but the smart thing to do is to gradually reduce the time spent on a bad habit.

What do you replace the bad habit with? A good habit which may mean increasing the time spent on a good habit or introducing a new good habit to replace some or all of the old bad habit.

Prioritizing your goals in life will help you to decide what you want to do more of and what you would like to gradually decrease in your life.

While addictive bad habits like gambling, pornography, promiscuity, impulsive excessive shopping, drugs, and alcohol need serious change your most important priority is healthy eating and drinking and that means including more and more organic food and drink into your daily habits. Get plenty of sleep and you are well on your way to a healthy body which is the foundation of a healthy mind too.

To improve the health of your mind and keep it from stagnating with old habitual thoughts learn new useful skills and new useful knowledge and that means spending time researching and reading something useful as frequently as possible.

Bad friends and bad relationships are also bad habits which can decrease your health and happiness so consider starting to decrease the time spent with them. If you have bad relationships with offspring and spouse and you are mostly to blame for this situation then seriously try to change your behavior or call it quits and get a divorce and exit the family with your unchanging bad personality.

Good and bad habits are your lifestyle. The habits or the repetitive things which you do in life will change some even if you don’t plan it that way and it is your responsibility to try and make good habits dominate more of your lifestyle when changes are made.

Good habits are just as addictive as bad habits so try to stay addicted to the good ones for greater health and happiness in your life.

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