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Ignore: v. to intentionally not see and/or not participate in a subset(s)

Sometimes when we can’t solve a problem, don’t like what is said to us, or can’t deal with a confrontation or argument we try to ignore it and hope that it will go away and leave us alone. We intentionally may turn our head away or just not participate in an unpleasant activity or effectively try to ignore it.

If we have unpleasant coworkers or friends which we don’t need, ignoring or avoiding them as much as possible is frequently the right thing to do. Unless it is a very important situation, ignoring it will sometimes make it go away or at least lessen the unpleasantness which would exist if we confronted the situation head on.

Ignoring family or work problems is frequently not the smart thing to do because they can develop into serious important problems which will then need our immediate attention.

Ignoring, avoiding, or trying to exclude the trivia in our lives is the smart thing to do so we can devote precious time to the things which really matter and are important in our lives.

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