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Importance: n. frequently subjectively judged being (valuable and/or dominant) and/or (large ranking and/or powerfully affecting a subset(s))

There are things which we feel or sense are important and there are things which are important which we don’t recognize have importance in our lives.

There are important humans, events, and objects in our lives. Knowing what is important depends to a large degree on our ability to set priorities in our lives and devote more attention to the important ones.

Food, clothing, shelter, transportation, education, job, relationships, family, and entertainment frequently have the most importance in our lives. How much time, energy, and money we spend on important priorities frequently determines how important they are in our lives.

When crises or emergencies arise then those are frequently things which we feel are most important and we readily devote much time, energy, effort, and money trying to deal with them successfully. Once the crises or emergencies are dealt with successfully we then go back to our daily habitual routines and live life accordingly. Sometimes the crises or emergencies are so severe that we may actually change our priorities and live life differently than in the past.

Going through different stages of life also determines what is most important. As offspring education is very important, as adults work and relationships become important, and in retirement learning what to do with all the free time becomes an important consideration along with deteriorating health in some circumstances.

If you are unhappy living life or have many problems then chances are you have to rearrange your priorities and spend more time, energy, and frequently money with the new important ones. Set new goals in life which can be realistically achieved and make them more important in your life and chances are that you will live a more optimistic and happy life and will start feeling a sense of achievement or accomplishment.

Addictive bad behaviors can have a powerful influence on our lives and squeeze out more important good priorities or behaviors. Not recognizing that some pursuits in life are rather trivial and unimportant leads many to lead stagnating lives with seemingly little progress.

Humans in control of much money are the most important in society because they can change society for better or worse. Bank, corporate, and organizational leaders have the most power although politicians also are important in running the world. Most human organizations have an hierarchical structure with those at the top being the most influential or important and that especially is true of the military establishment.

Power or control over energy and humans is what is important in this world but science and technology is impacting the world in a major way and is having both good and bad impacts on human life and biodiversity.

Morality and laws are also important and the more moral a law the more just it is. Basic human morality is being decimated and the result is more irresponsible human behavior which results in unjust special interest laws which benefit the wealthy and poor at the expense of the middle class which is greatly decreasing in numbers.

Important sound economic values of thrift, saving, and responsible financial living are not being promoted in society and more and more are living irresponsibly resulting in many personal bankruptcies which are reflected in almost bankrupt national and international economies. A moral distribution of wealth is failing in society and with it the financial health of the world is also beginning to fail.

Morality is the most important in society but the second most important institution is education which is failing miserably teaching a historically important liberal arts curriculum in the 21st technological century.

Morality, education, economics, politics, science, technology, and society are important. Unfortunately most of us are not in a position to change any of these fields for the better but we can at least try to live morally and get a job which will not become obsolete in the not too distant future.

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