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Imposition: n. forcing a subset(s) on a human(s) which may be a nonviolent command(s) and/or demand(s)

Imposing a curfew, imposing a rule or law and enforcing it, and imposing your will on the indecisive is all a possibility with the threat of force or using actual force to get a reluctant human(s) to do something which you want done.

An imposing human is frequently obeyed because many fear him or her who frequently has the power to make things difficult for you if you don’t obey.

An imposing human is one who likes to power his or her way to desired goals and sometimes succeeds through primarily intimidating forceful tactics.

Whether you are imposing a curfew or imposing your will on someone then you are effectively forcing someone to do something or forcefully trying to change their behavior(s).

Commands and demands are frequently the tools used to impose your will on someone without the use of violent force which is the ultimate demonstration of imposition when nonviolent means do not succeed.

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