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Impulsive: adj. doing a subset(s) almost instantly without conscientious forethought

Most human behavior is impulsive and that includes the emotions which you experience under given circumstances and/or behaviors. Most of us live in a largely impulsive world complete with good and bad habits which are repeated over and over again in the same basic manner. Our impulsive reactions to the world are all a function of our knowledge, skills, education, and attitude and you can make a general statement that prior experiences and occasional future goals to a large extent determine our impulsive reactions.

Very infrequently do we actually take time out to think about something and the possible consequences before we react to humans and circumstances. Even the problem solvers of this world impulsively use their prior successful experiences at problem solving to guide their next rather impulsive solutions to new problems.

Except with the possible exception of scientists, the common human does not really engage in any rational or logical thinking but uses the rather highly emotionally biased language with its inaccurately defined relatively vague words to communicate about the world around them.

Politicians are notorious for their attempts at manipulating the emotions of the public with appropriate words and phrases which all basically have a good or a bad connotation depending on your predetermined political views. More accurately your emotional response largely depends on your prior beliefs and opinions which are rarely based on carefully evaluation of new relevant factual information or data.

The human condition rarely changes dramatically because the myths and deceptions of previous generations are all passed on to the new generation which inherits all the brainwashing of previous generations. Fundamental human nature doesn’t change nor does the archaic language used and history continues to repeat itself in many ways making the same historical mistakes which plagued the old generations.

Until the language becomes more logical with much more smart human communication going on, I see no long duration permanent improvement in this world or improvement in the overall relatively handicapped human condition.

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