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Infringement: n. partially disobeying a law and/or right


Infringement on your right to free speech may be limited to moral free speech which means that you can’t lie about someone or something but can freely speak in all the other possible ways or all subject matters with the possible exception of child pornography, internet pedophiles, and internet stalkers which can get censored.

Infringement on your right to privacy on the internet by the government may be justified as an efficient way to keep criminals, hackers, and cyber terrorists from becoming a serious personal or public threat to humans.

Infringement on your right to own property may be made to get you to pay back taxes to the IRS.

Copyright infringement is also quite common in the form of plagiarism which often takes part of someone’s work and claims it to be one’s own.

Driving slightly over the speed limit or 130 km per hour in a 110 km per hour speed zone is infringing on the law which you sometimes can get away with since officially you are subject to a speeding violation of driving 20 km per hour over the limit.

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