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Instinct: n. hereditary unlearned behavioral and/or sensory reaction(s) to a subset(s) which originates and/or exists in the environment but some reaction(s) can sometimes be modified through behavioral conditioning

The primary instinctual desire to survive can be modified with a threat of immediate death or great fear and/or ideological conditioning into a fearless warrior who is willing to sacrifice his or her life for a cause which may be judged as just or necessary to fulfill.

Blushing and emotional contagion are also examples of instincts which can be modified with behavioral conditioning.

Hereditary allergic reactions to chemicals such as certain foods can sometimes be changed and antihistamines exist and change certain allergic reactions to pollen, etc.

Hereditary sensory ability or more accurately absence of some sensory ability may be a handicap to highly deviant populations and these deficiencies can sometimes be compensated for to some extent with technological intervention or help.

Studies of identical twins raised in different environments frequently show many more similarities in behavior, personalities, and choice and/or sensory preferences than fraternal twins from the same family raised in different environments implying that heredity, instinct, or identical genes was largely responsible for the relatively many more similarities.

Instincts just like heredity vary from one individual to the next and almost everyone, with the exception of identical twins, is uniquely different yet with common instinct norms.

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