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Invention: n. creating a new unique machine with a unique part(s) and/or a new chemical combination which doesn’t exist in nature and/or a new theory which did not exist previously and which is recognized as the creation of some unique mental ability which is different from ordinary mechanical skill and/or craftsmanship and/or habitual behavior

Inventors are a relatively rare breed in this world who can invent new things which never existed before one after the other. The “inventor” of the Dyson vacuum cleaner is not a true inventor but a creator because he merely added, subtracted and rearranged existing parts and made a unique vacuum cleaner. The invention of the transistor is a true invention because it used doped materials which don’t exist in nature to create a truly new utilitarian device.

Invention is different than standard creativity which uses what is already available and merely changes it, adds or subtracts parts, or rearranges the parts. Invention broadly means inventing a truly new part or device with unique properties never before utilized.

The uncertainty of whether to call new software patentable or a new invention or one merely of the efforts of creativity in programming is causing a legal unsolvable problem in the patent office. Software can be copyrighted but a few changes in it can be considered to be a new copyright so intellectual rights can frequently not be protected from theft.

Cellphones are rearranged hardware parts and new software which is hard to patent or copyright because small changes in hardware or software can be considered to be a new device. Patents should not be given for creative rearrangements of hardware and software but they can be copyrighted.

I am creative but not inventive even though I create words which never existed or come up with new definitions of words which never existed. I am trying to improve language and not really invent a new one. My efforts are copyrightable but not patentable.

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