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Isolation: n. placing apart from another subset(s) in space and/or time


You can be isolated from things such as drugs or you can be isolated from a human or group of humans. The isolation may be space and/or time dependent.

Your isolation may be a prison or solitary confinement or you can feel just as isolated being miles apart from a close friend or spouse without the possibility of communication. Of course today physical isolation does not necessarily mean communications isolation from a human that you want to communicate with in this world of the internet and cell phones.

Isolation in time is not that obvious unless you are on mars and your connection is somewhere on earth. The communication is not instantaneous the way that we think of a regular conversation because light travels at the speed of light and it takes from about three minutes to 22 minutes to communicate with mars depending on its orbital location. This could be considered to be a type of time isolation.

Some chemicals are isolated from each other because their interaction would cause a severe or dangerous chemical interaction or even an explosion.

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