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Liability: n. legally responsible and frequently responsible for a subset(s) required by contract

Offspring are parental liabilities to a large degree unless they participate in a family business or are part of a culture where they are old age insurance.

Official contracts can become additional liabilities if the contracted humans start to behave extremely irresponsibly and cause expenses beyond a reasonable norm.

Irresponsible driving and many accidents can increase the normative liability to skyrocket and leave no recourse for the insurance company than to raise the insurance amount or cancel the contractual agreement.

Most humans can become increasingly costly liabilities to others when their historical behavior changes radically and becomes very bad or very irresponsible greatly exceeding historical norms.

Immoral or very irresponsible behavior frequently exceeds the acceptable liability limits of what a human or organization with a good reputation to maintain has and almost always results in a termination of the relationship.

Severe addictions and immoral behavior can not only devastate a family bank account and become an overwhelming monetary liability but can also cause extreme emotional trauma and misery which can be considered to be an emotional burden or liability to other members of the affected family.

When immorality and very irresponsible behavior is rewarded by society and its laws then that society not only is headed for anarchy but financial bankruptcy too.

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