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Liberation: n. freeing from human and/or behavioral and/or physical and/or legal bonds

Are you stuck in a bad relationship, bad addiction, unhealth, or legally binding contract which is bankrupting you? Then liberate yourself from your predicament and free yourself from those terrible bonds.

Easier said than done. You may not be able to readily escape a dysfunctional marriage, and addiction to an addictive drug, bad health, or credit card debt which is threatening bankruptcy.

If you want to truly liberate yourself then you will have to fight for it with much selfcontrol, the assistance of caring others if possible, and a fanatical devotion to developing some good habits to replace your slavery to bad habits. Crises situations will frequently lead to drastic measures or going cold turkey such as divorce, going into rehab, switching as soon as possible to a varied organic diet, and declaring bankruptcy.

If you are still not in crises mode then you can surf the internet or read some of my blogs and use the advice to gradually improve a situation which may have an eventual solution to your problem or problems. Remember, if you want to truly free yourself from your slavery to a bad lifestyle then you will have to do it largely on your own with or without the help of concerned friends who hopefully don’t have the same problems that you do or it will just be the blind leading the blind.

If you succeed in liberating yourself with the input of new relevant information which you smartly apply to your life then you will be “free at last, free at last within legal boundaries!”



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