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While accidents, disease, radiation, toxic chemicals, addictions to drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, and dangerous or very stressful jobs can make you die prematurely there is considerable disagreement as to what can potentially extend your lifespan. Reducing caloric intake or not eating as much has proven that in rats it can extend your lifespan minimally but all other techniques are not proven.

Your best bet at living a long life is eating healthy organic food, exercising moderately, and not getting involved in dangerous or very stressful occupations or activities. Heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimers are almost inevitable diseases for most humans and if you don’t get any of the big three then chances are great that you will die of old age or natural deterioration.

Sometimes organ replacement will add a few more years if your organ has been prematurely damaged and needs replacement but it will not make you live much past your genetic predetermined lifespan.

Lifespan is primarily genetically determined or you are born to potentially live to an approximate age provided that you don’t do any of the things which can make you die prematurely. Life extension is a billion dollar industry and there are many charlatans trying to convince you that they have the secret to longevity. The truth is that you have an inborn lifespan predetermined at birth and there is very little which you can do to change it.

Yes, there are rare individuals who eat crappy food, don’t move around much, smoke and drink much booze and live quite long but they are the exceptions to the rule and it is a lifestyle which I wouldn’t advocate for longevity for the average human.

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