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It seems that mass marketing will soon be largely a thing of the past with the exception of perhaps the football Superbowl which has a large once a year audience. A large number or majority of humans watching the same entertainment on a regular basis is becoming a a relatively rare circumstance except for some movies which have mass followings worldwide for a rather short duration.

Social media is helping this fractioning process and is creating many special interest groups of humans but no one large group with a shared common interest.  With the exception of movies, music, fashion, and the arts in general are creating many specialty interests but no mass followings.

Instead of mass followings many future businesses will be adjusting their ads to try and appeal to those interested in what they have to sell in a personal way. Is the dying of a mass culture a bad thing with a few common interests being propagandized about? Probably not, but human personal biases and desires will be satisfied to move sales volume.

Promises of beauty, good relationships, health, longevity, status, and sexiness will be eternal motivators of humans who want more out of life than what they were born with and those are universal or mass topics which appeal to almost everyone.

Humans will always need drink, food, clothes, shelter, transportation, status, and good relationships with others and there will be plenty of marketers promising to fulfill those basic human needs.



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