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When you add two or more numbers or when you multiply two numbers you get a BIGGER number than the ones you started out with. Whether you do the calculation longhand or use a solar calculator you get the same BIGGER results. Why go through 13 or more years of math schooling to learn longhand calculating when a four year old who can count to a hundred or more can get the same result using a calculator? The four year old can start solving everyday math problems where addition and subtraction is required!!! The concept of MORE or LESS is important but you don’t need a high school diploma to understand this basic concept which involves comparisons of two or more numbers.

When you divide two numbers you get a SMALLER number unless you divide by a fraction or numbers after the decimal point. Fractions, ratios, or division is a harder concept to learn but even here long hand calculations are not necessary to get the answer which you are expecting if you use a calculator.

Teaching decimals or learning the concept of multiplying by 10 or dividing by 10 is important but this can all be done with the help of a calculator much sooner.

Common core for math is a nightmare which theoretically teaches you to play games with numbers to understand math concepts better. The real result is that you complicate math long hand calculations even more and it takes longer to get a math result longhand and you really don’t understand math concepts more.

Math is just understanding the concepts of MORE and LESS and getting to the result of this BIGGER or SMALLER number should not take forever or involve a boring time consuming procedure.

The average citizen will not need algebra or calculus so why teach it in school to non math or non technology majors?

The only thing which the average citizen needs to understand is how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide and understand the concept of ratios or fractions so that they can calculate the cost per pound or kilogram of food or the unit price and do a budget with the help of a calculator.

The concepts of length, area, volume, density, frequency, and temperature are important but they can all be easily taught with the help of geometric diagrams and a calculator.

Math is easy with a solar calculator so why complicate it with years of useless schooling which teaches you how to do math longhand? Learning times tables and division tables should be things of the past for those not interested in math or even those who want to learn more math since plumbers, electricians, and scientists should all use calculators.

It is time to teach elementary students how to do real life calculations with a calculator as a great time saving assistant!!!

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