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Morbid: adj. excess deviant thinking about a very unpleasant subset(s) suchas death and/or disease

A morbid cruelty and grief is possible but it is usually limited to morbid death and/or disease in common usage.

A morbid sense of humor usually tries to laugh at or make fun of death and/or disease. You can try to laugh at cruelty and grief but it is something most humans do not consider a laughing matter.

A morbid curiosity may be about cruelty, grief, death, disease, and other very unpleasant things. The one unifying theme is that the morbid curiosity is usually deviant and excessive and about unpleasant subsets.

Morbid addictions are possible because they can be called compulsive bad habits.

It should be noted that there is a cultural bias in the definition of morbid because some human deviants actually find the death, disease, grief, and cruelty of others very pleasant and satisfying.

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