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Murder (Homicide): v. to willfully and forcibly steal human life

Murder is horrible but in emergency situations it can be justified. If you are defending against lethal violence then murdering in self-defense is justifiable.

Murdering a terrorist can also be justified and defending a territory against armed aggression can also justify murdering the invaders.

True peace is not possible as long as there are humans who resort to violence to achieve their ends and unfortunately greater force or violent counter force is the only protection against a violent aggressor.

As long as there are tyrants in the world who are willing to use violence to achieve their political aims, weapons or a superior military force is a necessity to prevent violent aggression.

The only thing which violent murdering gangs respect is an armed citizenry and an armed police force without which local tyranny prevails. It should be against the law for convicted felons and violent criminals to have guns but not honest law abiding citizens who should have a right to carry concealed weapons, especially in crime ridden neighborhoods.

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