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Humans take nutritional supplements to hopefully improve a bad diet or to try and cure some disease, illness, or nutrient deficiency. If you eat a wide variety of foods, especially organic ones, then the average human does not really need supplements and taking them daily is probably not a good idea because most supplements are just ball park estimations of necessary nutrients and you are bound to get too much of some of the nutrients which may even adversely affect your overall health.

Nothing is better than the natural balance of nutrients in real food and taking supplements too frequently will make your body adjust to unnatural nutrient intake which is probably not that healthy in the long duration. For example. Why take fish oil when you can get even greater benefits by eating fish in the first place especially if you eat the entire fish such as a sardine?

A truly scientific approach to nutritional supplements would be to analyze all the nutrients in your blood and really determine if you have any deficiencies. This kind of a comprehensive test is not available or is probably so expensive that the average human could not afford it.

Some herbs and supplements can even cause bad reactions with drugs which you may be taking so check with your doctor if you are both on drugs and supplements.

Humans wrongly assume that more is better and the more there is of a supplement then the better it is for you. Taking mega doses of vitamin C or extra vitamin D is not smart. You should instead investigate what foods have natural vitamin C or D in them and eat them or in the case a vitamin D then get a little bit of a suntan every year and get vitamin D naturally. Natural is always better and if you or your doctor determines that you need a nutrient supplement then eat a lot of the natural food with that nutrient in it.

When diseased or ill humans get desperate and they reach for a magic pill or supplements to try and solve their disease or illness. Instead, humans should start eating a wide variety of healthy organic food and some meat or whole milk for protein and fat.

Bombarding your body with a handful of nutrients is not a cure, but if lack of nutrients is a cause of your disease or illness then start eating right and start pumping your body full of natural foods which contain those nutrients and which also contain more necessary nutrients that you aren’t even aware of.

Nature knows best and if you are in bad health then start eating naturally!!!

Your body needs balanced nutrients and not lopsided supplements!!!!!!

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