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Permission: n. giving a legal and/or natural possibility to do a subset(s)

Getting permission to do something from an authority figure is a fact of life in society. You need to get permission to do certain things from your older offspring, parents, teachers, coaches, and bosses. To be polite you even need to get permission to enter a conversation between two humans intensely discussing something.

Rebelling against authority and not asking for permission to do something is something teenagers frequently do but in many cases it is not something illegal that they are doing.

Paying for something is a way of getting permission to do many things such as skydiving, para sailing, driving a rental car, and getting into a theme park.

Getting a license or permission to do something legally is a fact of life in an over regulated society where even lemonade stands, bake sales, and garage sales in some localities are required to get licenses before they can sell their goods.


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