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Plausible: adj. judging a subset(s) to be probable and/or believable because of a relatively large degree of (probability and/or truthfulness) and/or reasonableness

A plausible opinion is believable because it sounds truthful or reasonable and is probably valid.

A plausible future event(s) is also believable because there is a relatively large probability that it will happen based on our knowledge, experiences, and understanding.

Whether it is a plausible belief, opinion, or thing to do it is something which seems personally largely probable, truthful, and reasonable to you. If something is plausible then you are more likely to believe and decide to take actions based on that something.

Personal bias plays a major role in what seems plausible or not because it is your personal judgement largely based on prior experience and not necessarily one based on your objective observation and logical thinking. When plausibility is in question we seldom have or take the time to observe objectively and take time out to think about it logically.

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