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Power (political): n. controlling humans and/or energy and matter

Power (physics): n. force times distance per unit time

Politically the most powerful are the international banks, international corporations, and governments. Also powerful are organizations, local businesses, parents, and humans.

Humans are controlled with money, laws, and moral behavior. Those who control the money, laws, and morality are the most powerful humans.

Without a strong moral foundation, much power corrupts humans who want more power by making more money and passing corrupt laws which grant them more power or more money and control over other humans and the world.

Everyone needs energy from food and other sources to survive and live and this is why food and energy corporations are so powerful. Money is the primary tool used to control energy usage in society and the laws determine who gets the most money or energy and matter which is stored energy.

Taxation and prices for information and/or goods and/or services are the primary tools used to control energy and matter usage. Laws distribute the wealth in a nation and determine who gets most of the wealth and who gets the least amount of it and in effect who is the most powerful and who is the least powerful in a nation.

A frequently overlooked important factor is the fact that an immoral society is ungovernable and plunges into chaos. It is vital to reestablish a universal worldwide secular morality which should be taught in public schools to young impressionable minds which are not religious.

Except in emergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder. To get more just laws to eliminate the unjust ones you need a strong moral code which most of the citizens believe in to guide them in their daily decision making which is largely impulsive and not logical.

Leadership which grows out of a sea of immorality will be unjust and dysfunctional because there will be no trust between the leadership and the led. Authority figures must be admired and respected for their moral virtues if a society is to voluntarily and peacefully interact. A morally failed leadership and immoral citizens can only be controlled through fear and intimidation and this is a very inefficient way to run a country or the world.


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