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Prejudice: n. a wrong and/or unjust judgment and/or opinion which is frequently based on little or no evidence and is frequently an unfavorable opinion with (suspicion and/or fear) and/or hatred frequently added on

Humans who are very different from us can cause suspicion and sometimes fear. Usually the reason is a different physical appearance, sometimes it is a difference in language or even in dialect, and definitely a difference in beliefs.


We frequently make impulsive decisions and make judgments about humans with stereotypic names such as he or she is Asian, Hispanic, Black, red neck, hillbilly, or Indian and our mind is frequently flooded with impressions of what we feel about them based on our past limited experiences or what humans have said about them.


One word descriptions of humans frequently lead us into making overgeneralized statements such as Indians are drunks, Hispanics are stupid, and Blacks are lazy. Logically all Indians are not drunks, all Hispanics are not stupid, and all Blacks are not lazy and in fact a minority of them are and not a majority are drunks, stupid, and lazy.


Language also is to blame for prejudice because words or symbols are not statistical or probabilistic in nature but are absolutes. Unfortunately most uneducated humans think in terms of absolutes such as yes or no, love or hate, beautiful or ugly instead of degrees of love or hate, or degrees of beauty and ugliness. We use absolutes or generalities to inaccuarately describe humans and then wonder why prejudice is so hard to overcome.


The only cure for prejudice is an improved language, a constant exposure to all the cultures of the world, or getting everyone to eat all the varieties of food in this world and dressing alike so that prejudicial terms such as Italian and Mexican food and Muslim dress are out of fashion as acceptable descriptions of reality.



Even when the whole world speaks the same language, has the same morality, eats the same varied food, and dresses alike there will still be prejudice because there will still be rich and poor and cliquish groups holding on desperately to their group identity.

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