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Pride: n. selfrespect and belief in one’s own (worth and/or ability) and/or (merit and/or superiority) and/or power to achieve a goal(s)

Being proud of your achievements is a largely instinctual emotion and being proud of your offspring or group achievements is an extension of your pride to other humans.

A desire to be proud is what motivates most of us to do good and sometimes great things in life. Without a rather selfish desire to be outstanding in something humans would cease to function efficiently since they would not be very motivated or good at setting goals and achieving them.

There is excessive pride which can sometimes repulse other humans but frequently a little over confidence in ourselves is what keeps us going even in the face of great failure or hard obstacles to overcome.

Nationalistic and group pride is a unifying force between humans but the drawback is that it breeds intolerance of other groups and cultures and is one of the major reasons why prejudice exists in this world and is an obstacle to world unity or commonality of purpose.

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