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Procrastination: n. delaying doing a subset(s) and it is frequently habitual

We are all guilty of procrastination from time to time when we are confronted with having to do something unpleasant and decide to delay doing it as long as possible.

Procrastination can become a bad habit and it may extend to not wanting to make improvements in your life and putting off the attempts day after day and resulting in no progress at all but an addiction to daily mundane existence.

On the job procrastination can lead to losing your job in the long duration so procrastination is not recommended at work.

Procrastination about relatively unimportant things in your life may actually save you much time which you would otherwise waste. Meticulously cleaning on a daily basis is not that smart a usage of time and doing it once a week or once a month may be the smart thing to do and a smart usage of your valuable time.

Procrastinating until the last moment to do something important may put you in panic mode and not being confident that you can do what you have to do in time. You can procrastinate on doing unimportant things but if they are important procrastination can get you into much trouble and unhappiness.

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