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Productivity: n. the rate at which ingus is produced which is a measure of the efficiency of production

Ingus: n. information and/or goods and/or services

Productivity is how many or how much information and/or goods and/or services is made per unit time. I have produced mostly information and my productivity is about 2 blogs a day or about 600 blogs per year.

One thing which productivity does not answer is the quality of what is being produced. For example, I have produced some high quality blogs which humans liked much and there have been others which were either to specialized or uninteresting to even attract one like. Whether something is popular is not always an indication of quality but in this world mass consumption of something is what makes the most money realistically speaking.

You can be very productive and produce much junk or you can be very productive and produce very worthwhile things. You can also be rather unpredictable in your productivity and sometimes produce junk and sometimes produce valuable stuff.

Human productivity is not only a measure of how fast you do something which a robot can do faster but how good or well you do something. You can be very efficient but not very good and you can be very good but not very efficient. To be efficient and good at the same time is the most desirable situation.

We are still superior to robots in many ways because although we are not faster than them or more efficient at some things we can do many things better or more efficiently than robots because we are multitalented and can do some very complex behaviors faster than robots. We are still better than robots at negotiating obstacle courses which have much unpredictability in them. A way of saying this is that we can quickly think or react to changes in the environment and robots simply can’t react as fast or as well as humans can. When robots become fast and multitalented then we will have some serious competition on our hands but I don’t see that happening any time soon even though well defined, repetitive, or boring jobs will be replaced by computers rather quickly.

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