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Property: n. a subset(s) which usually excludes humans even though offspring can theoretically be considered the property of a parent(s) and/or a guardian(s)

With the exception of humans almost everything else can be considered to be property which can be owned by someone or a collection of individuals. A terminal or perpetual trust can also own property but it still needs humans to manage it.

Property rights are fundamental to human freedom or liberty and if you can’t own anything personally then it is some collective or political entity which completely rules your behavior in a tyrannical and almost always unjust way.

It is a proven fact historically that you usually take care of your own personal property better than a collective can. If the property is not your personal possession then chances are great that you will be more irresponsible with it. If the property breaks or you lose it then you will probably make excuses or hope that someone else takes care of or pays for your irresponsible actions.

Pure collective communism is a historical disaster and modified Chinese communism is primarily succeeding because it once again acknowledges the right to private business ownership of property. State owned enterprises still exist in China but it is just a matter of time before they are mostly displaced by private enterprises which do a much more efficient and profitable job. Central communist planning is highly inefficient and considerable decentralization is the just way to go in ruling the nation.

Central planning by big government and big business is highly inefficient and the solution is decentralization. The United States government could eliminate the Senate and give states rights to localities or basically just have a National government with the House of Representatives ruling. That is true workable decentralization of government which will work and create many new innovative small communities throughout the United States.

Big business could also profit by breaking up into almost autonomous smaller corporations pursuing their specialized interests without central planning hindering their innovation or prosperity.

Big anything is almost always more inefficient, less innovative, and not willing to change in the face of changing circumstances which demand change to improve things. Big government and big corporations are the primary reason why we are still stuck in the status quo paying overly high taxes, eating unhealthy cheap food, driving big inefficient cars, living in big inefficient housing, and wasting our time with big inefficient mediocre entertainment.

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