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Psychopath: n. a lying and deceiving sometimes violent human who frequently fraudulently steals from the public with the help of (a different lying and deceiving human(s) and/or a subset(s))

A psychopath is a lying and deceiving human who is only sometimes violent or not violent at all but proceeds to fraudulently steal from the public or other humans.

Violent psychopaths have been stereotyped and few realize that Ponzi scheme psychopaths frequently do more damage to more humans than the violent psychopaths.

Those that lie and deceive without remorse or conscience are the dangerous psychopaths and the ones which you should try to avoid at all costs because they have the potential to bankrupt you financially.

Many wealthy women or women who have saved up money become the victims of unscrupulous psychopaths that lie and deceive themselves into the hearts of women and take them for every cent which they have.

Gullible wealthy males are just as vulnerable to con artist psychopaths who have a talent for surrounding them with prosperous status symbols. This conspicuous display of wealth and tempting lies are designed to entice you into investing your money into their quick money making schemes which inevitably lead to your bankruptcy.

 A successful psychopath is one who has charisma and knows how to pull your emotional strings with the right lies and deceptions all designed to get you to part with your money. Charismatic political psychopaths are the most dangerous ones because they can ruin a nation in small gradual corrupt steps.

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