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Recycle: v. to make a used subset(s) into a different subset(s) which can be used again

Nature recycles everything and it is only humans who create materials which aren’t properly recycled and cause pollution in the environment. We should create as much biodegradable waste as possible and limit industrial pollutants which are toxic to the environment to a minimum.

Glass, paper, metals, and plastic is recyclable but antifreeze, synthetic oils, radioactive waste, medical waste, and synthetic drugs pose a real recycling problem which causes much pollution which is non biodegradable.

Sustainability is a word used which signifies the use and reuse of materials which are not harmful to the environment and we should pursue this goal fervently to prevent future generations from paying for our irresponsible behavior with bad health and a toxic environment. The goal should be to recycle almost everything with minimal or no pollution at all.


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